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Understanding Your Cat's Body Language

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    A woman that goes by the username cleothecitykitty shared a video on TikTok of her cat accidentally scratching her eye, temporarily causing her to lose vision. The video went viral, garnering over 6 million views! This incident serves as a reminder that it is important for pet owners to pay attention to their companion animal's body language in order to understand their limits. But what signs should we look for to understand how our cats are feeling?

    Cats are known for their mysterious and complex behavior, making it difficult for us humans to truly understand them. However, their body language can tell us a lot about their experience, likes, dislikes, and overall well-being. In fact, it's crucial for pet owners to educate themselves on their cat's body language in order to ensure their health and happiness.

    Cat expressions to look out for:

    The Tell-Tale Tail

    • Lashing or thumping tail: Indicates annoyance or agitation.
    • Puffed-up tail: Signifies intense agitation or fear.

    Read Those Ears

    • Forward-facing ears: Contentment or curiosity.
    • Flattened ears (sometimes rotating sideways or backward): Annoyance or feeling threatened.

    The Eyes Are a Window

    • Narrowed eyes: Aggression or fear.
    • Wide, dilated pupils: Excitement, stress, or annoyance.
    • Prolonged eye contact or staring with dilated pupils: Time to take a step back.

    Check Out That Posture

    • Defensive body posture (arched back, puffed-up fur, or crouched position): Annoyance or fear.

    All animals communicate in some way. Humans tend to express their thoughts with language, either spoken, written or even sign language are forms of communicating our feelings. However, even if not intended, a person's body language can express their feelings or thoughts. Animals also use body language to express their feelings. Please enjoy this informative article about feline body language that may help you and your fur baby understand each other better. Enjoy from your Whiskers, Paws and Love team ❤️